Source Code Library: Graph Coloring Problem (GCP)

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Title Program Version Remarks Author
GraphCol C - heuristic tools: Tabucol, SA, Variable Neighborhood Search(VNS) Marco Pagliari
RBA_AIS C - Multiple Restarts Neural Network Algorithm for Graph Coloring Arun Jagota
lmXRLF C - Least-constraining most-constrained extended RLF Darko Kirovski
nRLF C 2.0 A simple variant of the RLF algorithm for Graph Coloring Andrea Arbore
Smallk C 2.0 A backtrack based program for coloring graphs J. C. Culberson
JC_Col C 2.0 (Iterated) Greedy,(Backtrack) DSATUR, MAXIS, TABU Search (TS) J. C. Culberson
DSATUR C - A simple version of a code similar to DSATUR Michael Trick
MAOS_GCP JAVA 2008 Multiagent Optimizer for solving GCP [DOC] Xiao-Feng Xie

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