Research Fields

Title Description
CH and EMO [J & C] Constraint-Handling & Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization (by C. A. C. Coello)
Dynamic Optimization Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Optimization Problems (EvoDOP) (by J. Branke)
DE A Bibliography of Differential Evolution Algorithm (by J. Lampinen)
Particle Swarm Central Mainly information and links to information about PSO (by M. Clerc)
SOMA Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm (by I. Zelinka)
CE The Cross-Entropy Method (by Reuven Rubinstein)
ACO Ant Colony Optimization (by M. Dorigo)
GA Archives genetic algorithms and other forms of evolutionary computation. (by A. S. Schultz)
Memetic Algorithms combine local search heuristics with crossover operators. (by P. Moscato)
DNA Computing uses DNA molecules to solve the problems (by Soo-Yong Shin)
ALife Artificial Life Bibliography (by E. A. di Paolo)
Genetic Programming Information about the field of genetic programming (by J. R. Koza)
AgentWeb Starts here to learn about agents (by T. Finin&Y. Labrou)
ACE Agent-Based Computational Economics (by L. Tesfatsion)

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