drug development

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Clos Chanmurly 13
Our mission is to enable the right diagnosis & treatment for the right patient through quantitative imaging and machine learning.
OncoRadiomics harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver accurate and robust clinical decision support systems based on standard clinical imaging.

Radiomics-based Medical imaging is a powerful, cost-effective tool that accelerates the process of drug development. Using medical imaging as a surrogate endpoint sponsors can ‘see & quantify’ the effect in 3D of a new drug much earlier than traditional endpoints, like progression free survival or even RECIST. It also offers support for your important ‘go/no-go’ decision-making: it allows you to stop ineffective drugs much earlier on in the process.

​Utilizing artificial intelligence and the information embedded in medical images, the company develops products and services with the ultimate goal of providing higher quality care for cancer patients while minimizing total treatment cost at the same time.