Infolks Pvt Ltd

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Infolks Pvt Ltd
Infolks building, Oppo SBI, Kumaramputhoor, Mannarkkad, Kerala 678583

Infolks is a fast-growing annotation company and the best in the country providing services with utmost quality.Our journey dates way back to 2016 when our CEO Mr. Mujeeb Kolasseri started outsourcing annotation works. Currently, our workforce holds a number of more than 200 employees and is still growing. We have immense experience of more than 3 years in the field. Pricing is another quality of Infolks providing services for the lowest hourly rate available in the global market.

Our services are compatible with all type of annotation techniques like bounding box, polygon/contour, semantic segmentation etc. For over 3 years we have annotated data for several use-cases like autonomous vehicle, ADAS systems, agri-tech models, medical AI’s, etc. Ability to handle any project irrespective of its data volume is another key attribute of our services. In addition to annotation, we also do redaction on both images and videos for enabling better privacy.

Moreover, we are an outsourcing expert providing various other services like BPO services, data entry, and other outstaffing services. Have you got any needs to be done in India, outsource these services to us. We ensure the supreme quality and time prompt service at economic friendly rates.

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